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Who we are

Great Builder Solutions (GBS) is the technology organization supporting the Great Gulf Group of companies, by providing process and automation solutions for our business units throughout Canada and the United States.

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Our Capabilities

Project Management Office

The PMO manages project initiatives across the Great Gulf Group, ensuring alignment with organizational strategy and timely delivery of anticipated benefits. The team fosters collaboration between GBS and other business units, promoting effective communication with detailed project status reporting.

Help Desk Support Services

The Support Services team serves as the initial contact for IT matters, offering technical support to colleagues and customers. They troubleshoot IT issues, set up/deploy equipment, and guide employees through specific IT tasks, ensuring efficient resolution and seamless functionality.

Infrastructure Services

The Infrastructure team ensures the stability of the IT backbone by supporting and maintaining crucial elements such as the network (Internet, Wifi, Firewalls, etc.) and server infrastructure (cloud computing and physical hardware). This sustains the functionality of key business systems and applications.

Software Development

The Software Development department is vital to GBS, providing custom solutions for diverse business needs across the Great Gulf Group. Our in-house team codes applications tailored to your requirements, ensuring productivity and competitiveness. Our QA Analysts guarantee high-quality, smoothly functioning applications.

Product Management

The Product Management team assesses processes, anticipates needs, identifies improvements, and aids in solution implementation. Serving both internal tech teams and business units, our Business Analysts act as technology liaisons, collaborating with committed technical analysts and developers to plan roadmaps for all environment products.

Training Services

The Training team develops and delivers technical training programs, enhancing individuals' technical/IT skills through sessions, webinars, and workshops. Whether in groups or individually, the team educates colleagues on efficient usage of software products, including ERP solutions, Microsoft Office, Windows, and Security.

Web Design & Development

From concept to support, we deliver customized web solutions with unique design and robust development. Our solutions feature high-quality media, including custom photography and captivating drone footage, weaving visually compelling narratives. Secure hosting and proactive monitoring technologies safeguard our solutions post-launch, and ongoing support ensures they remain powerful tools for our client's evolving needs.

Architecture & Application Solutions

The Application Solutioning team at Great Gulf Group pioneers innovative technology solutions, from integrating external products like CRM to creating in-house solutions such as vendor webservice integration and reporting automation. Our focus is on enhancing efficiency by reducing effort and increasing accuracy. Additionally, the team oversees our internal reporting platform.

Security & Compliance

The IT Security team oversees the operational security of computer and network systems at Great Gulf Group. They also formulate policies to ensure the security and confidentiality of employee and customer data, playing a crucial role in maintaining a secure digital environment.

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Our Mission

We're driven to provide Solutions

GBS has an extensive software development team that authors customized software for our homebuilding businesses. This software automates our proprietary processes through the entire business cycle from lead management and sales through procurement, scheduling, closing and ultimately warranty activities.

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Industry leading technology

GBS also develops systems and processes for the multi-family and large scale hi-rise businesses. These industry-leading systems and processes give Great Gulf unprecedented control over revenues, costs and construction management. These proprietary systems handle sales, customer-specific finishes and options as well as service and warranty.

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Team built approach

In addition to operations-centric team GBS has infrastructure services group that design, deploy and support networks and the many servers that host hundreds of applications. The infrastructure team has overall responsibility for the security of all systems, helping to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the company’s information.

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Great Builder Solutions

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